The benefits of RV windows are immense. Until recently, most RVs were built with manual windows that you had to move up and down with a crank. But today, most of these windows come with locks that help in making your RV.

RV windows offer many benefits, including:


Many RVs indeed have a central control panel in the console or on the driver’s side door. If children wreak havoc on the rear window seat, you can lock them. If you find out in part of your journey that someone has left one of the back windows down, you can restart it again with the push of a button or toggle. You have full control over every window of your RV, allowing you to focus on reaching your destination.

Ease or comfort

As we mentioned, instead of having to put all your muscles to move the window, most RV windows have levers. That makes it easier not only for the driver but also for passengers with limited mobility to control their window.


Lockable windows have become standard in today’s RVs. If you have manual windows and want to change it, it’s possible in almost any RV!

Window damage can be quick

When you notice a small streak in your RV window, it may be tempting to postpone repair services for another day. Over some time, the little streak can spread and cover a large area. To avoid injury during an accident, it is necessary to repair the little streak as soon as it forms on the surface of the window.

Why is RV window repair essential?

You are more likely to be injured in times of an accident. The already streaked window can move out of its frame and cause injury to you or your colleagues.

Window damage can affect the resale value of your RV

If you decide to sell your RV, your RV will have lower resale value if your windows show signs of cracking or damage. Before you start selling the RV, it is best to repair your RV’s glass damage by a licensed expert. Repairing your window will allow you to negotiate a better price for your RV. A team of window lock repair experts can repair cracked glass windows in no time.

How to repair the open window locks on an RV


  1. First, you need to take out the window screen if it is removable
  2. Using a screw, unscrew and remove the broken or closed locks
  3. Some locks may come with springs, ensure that you disengage the strings
  4. While the window is open, dig and drill the rivets that are joining the lock to the window
  5. Once the rivets are out, the lock is now free to be removed from the window
  6. Once the lock is out, you can replace and repair any broken part.
  7. If the lock is broken beyond repair, you can replace it with a new one.

Note, in most cases, DIY repairs are not ideal. That is why you should call for an expert to do this work.

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