For the few options RV users have to keep their vehicles cool throughout the year, this can be through the rooftop, window, or portable AC. Most RV owners have realized that the Window AC option is quite advantageous as it lowers the cost and needs minimal preparation work. Also, it does not require a lot of space compared to other options. This makes it quite efficient. The following steps should help you understand how to put window AC in the RV.

Preparing the Window

Before fitting the Window AC unit, there is a need to carry out a lot of preparation work. However, it is much less as compared to installing a portable or roof air conditioner, but it is vital. You should note that most motorhome owners prefer using the passenger’s seat window or the rear window. That allows for cool air to circulate around the RV.

The only issue is that the window ought to be larger than the smaller size of the AC unit. That requires you to measure the unit as opposed to measurements on the box. Most RVs have circular windows. This means they do not have a sturdy base or installing an AC unit. Moreover, most of the adaptors in the AC units are not helpful.

Most RV owners have recommended using an adaptor that enables the AC to be raised from the windowsill. Moreover, it should cover the gaps that may be left in your window. This may be built easily with plywood, wood, or any particular durable material. You can prepare the apparatus with the AC unit you want to install.

Installing Your AC Unit

After you prepare the window for air conditioner installation comes actual fitting. When your measurements are correct, this ought to be a simple task. If you choose to create the unit, then you should position it into the window and slide the AC between the gap.

If you decide to make the part fitting process easier, ensure you slot bottom fitting onto the bottom of an RV window. After this, you should take top fitting and then wedge it into the top of the window. This may need an extra person to hold it in place as you slide the AC unit into empty space to ensure it fits properly.

Remember that the AC unit for RV ought to be easy to install and uninstall. That is necessary for your motorhome to travel freely. There are different ways of installing the Window AC unit that may impact the use of the RV. This may make some windows of the RV unusable.

Future of Windows ACs

The above steps are for the installation of window air conditioners into a motorhome with minimal damage to the RV. Also, it ensures the RV is roadworthy. Although it appears to be an elongated method, the future is bright. Ideally, the traditional AC units are too big and will become outdated. There are other products in development to ensure they fit most standard RV windows. In addition, they are easy to store and have smart features.

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