You need to learn how to use every feature in the RV, especially those that will keep you safe. Before you take a trip in it, make sure that you ask the question how do you open the emergency window in an RV? Learn from the tips below and figure out how you can escape out the window if necessary so that you will be safe while traveling and sleeping in the RV.

Learn Where The Emergy Window Is Located

You might just have one emergency window in the RV, or there may be more than one in there. You need to find it first thing so you can learn how to use it. You need to remember where it is and make sure that everyone traveling with you knows where it is so that you can escape out of it if needed. Locate it first, and then you will need to learn how to open it.

Figure Out What To Pull When Opening It

There is most likely a handle or cord of some type by the window that you are supposed to pull when you want it to open. Figure out where it is and what you need to do with it. Figure out how much strength you need to put into it and what exactly you need to do to get the window open. You don’t want to panic when you are in an emergency and not know what to do with the window, but you need to see whether it is a handle, cord, or what kind of latch it is that you need to pull on to get it open.

Push The Window Open, If Needed

If pulling on the cord or doing whatever needs to be done to get the window to open doesn’t fully push it open, then you might need to put some strength into it. Push on the window until it opens al the way. You might want to see if you can practice this before you have an actual emergency to make sure that you know how to do it and have the strength to get it done.

Know How Big The Drop Will Be

If you are going to be climbing out the window to get safely from the RV, then it will be worth it to take any kind of a drop to get to the ground, but you will still want to know how far it is so you can brace yourself. You can measure the distance to the ground and figure out how to best land. You will want to go feet first so that you will have a good landing, and you will want to make sure that your kids and family get out alright, too. Prepare everyone for the drop, and you will get out safely.

It is good to know how to safely exit the RV in case of an emergency, and you will want to learn how to use the window now so that you will be ready for it if the time comes. You will want to figure out how much effort has to go in to get the window to open and how far you will drop when you climb out. Learn how to use the emergency window, and you will feel safe traveling in the RV.

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